My troubled life

Woke early again. Feeling alright, but I think there is a deep seated reason. While mulling and watching TV, Sue came out and said she had awoken with one thought on her brain. She was worried about whether the money that we are due to be reimbursed from the car lease will go far enough for what we now need to spend money on. She was especially concerned with me having to pay for the flights to Melbourne for the Great Ocean Walk.

This sparked my thinking as I now felt sunk and guilty. I was protecting Sue from the current reality that the burden on me was the problem for the lack of sleep. The PTSD and depression were not helping with the situation. But now it was in the open, I felt a lot better than I have for months. In fact our current situation has been brewing for about 7 years when we first took out the car lease.

The biggest problem I had to deal with was the credit cards. Approaches to banks for assistance fell on mostly deaf ears or was seen through blinkers. The only solution they could advise was to get another credit card and with the lower interest rate, would help pay it off. I tried this once and I ended up worse off when an unexpected expense arose and the only way was to take the available credit card to its limit.

Luckily times have changed and this year I came across a business that took on all my debt and for a fortnightly fee over five years, I would never have to deal with that expense.
Now I am one month down the track, it is working well, with money actually making it to bank and staying there. Also pooling all our income into one account has created better management of our funds.

I have acquired iFinance app and will now track all spending against a budget to get it all right on track. Sue was happy with that. Stacey who is turning 18 next month will stop her portion of the family assistance, so she will have to get Youth Allowance and pay board.

Then, I get hit with another unexpected expense. My bushwalking boots won’t last much longer and I need new ones. Lucky for me a work colleague had a pair of Merrell shoes that were too small for him, so he gave them to me!

I am amazed at this turn around. Now I am ready to take on the world.

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