Here comes another interesting week

Woke a bit later but busting as usual. Had to get up to do more cleaning so the flat can be inspected today as it is going up for sale. Obviously this flat is not a good investment! If I had the money I’d buy it and just rent out unit 2. Then I could make repairs that I saw fit!!

Anyway, I’m glad I ironed my clothes last night so I have time for this other tasks this morning. So I eventually got dressed and left home with time to spare to catch my normal bus. Then I realised that I need to put money on my go card luckily I have a wad of cash on me.

Commuted to work in my usual fashion, and on arrival settled in with one other in the pod today, the other is still sick. The I received a text from Rahul, the baby was born on Friday night. Congratulations. Took until lunchtime when the official email came out.

Today is a good day for celebrations as this is the last day my car is on a lease. As of tomorrow, it is all mine. Only downside is that I have to pay for everything out of my pocket. Anyway there is a sizeable balance coming my way which will boost us as we set up the expenses like insurance.

Looked at my watch at 11.30 am and was thinking that if I hadn’t received a message from Sue by now, all must be good.

Then it was time for lunch. Moved to the big kitchen and while having lunch was talking to others about my predicament. Need new boots and pants! One colleague said he had a pair of boots my size that he cant wear, so he will bring them in for me to try. Fingers crossed.

The afternoon was continuing on dealing with files until time to go home.. #winduptheclockandputthecatout

On the way home on my usual commute spent time thinking about this blog and perhaps go to Frontier Leadership tomorrow and have a good yarn to them about my current circumstance, and see what I can negotiate. I also need to get the next club newsletter together to publish for Noosa Tourism if they are interested, and for Sam Rowe the leader of the Great Ocean Walk 2016 who is coming along.

I am also torn between my commitments. I am going to the Pilgrimage in my capacity as President of Bushwalking Queensland Inc. the bushwalking peak body in Queensland. I also wish to join my fellow walkers on the Grea Ocean Walk on Sunday on a training walk.

Anyway went to bed and got a good night’s sleep.

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