The subtleties of diabetes

Woke really early. Have no idea why! Anyway took the opportunity for an early breakfast and the looked around to what tiding up needed to be done, and what needed to go back into the caravan or back shed.

I am waking up these mornings busting to go to the toilet. This particular morning, my left kidney also had a dull ache. Hope it was just because of the damming of the urine and nothing else. Will keep an eye on it during the day!

Sue woke and readied herself to go visit her mother. I ducked out and purchased groceries that would see me and the kids through for the day.

When I came back, washed the car as the mower man had covered it in debris from the whipping snipping and mowing done on Friday.

Then Sue departed and I fed the washing machine. There was a load in the machine from last night I hung out. Then I opened the shed. This shed has a double door and it has settled into the ground that the main door only opens to a 45 degree angle. I tried to open the other door but to no avail. The grass and soil seemed clear. What’s stopping it from opening??! Anyway went inside and had a look at the pile of items to move. I know! If I clear a section of the shed, I can put the rainbow cupboard in the shed for extra storage.

Must get the other shed door open. So back to the shed, I lean on the door then realise, need to take the bottom bolt off. Did so and viola! Open door. Now to clean the corner of the shed and make room for the cupboard. This bit was easy, now to move the cupboard. So, I wheeled the trolley to the cupboard, put the cupboard on the trolley and wheeled it the she. Realising that I need to have the door side of the cupboard facing me on the trolley so I can back into its resting spot, rotated the cupboard and recommenced the move. I stood the cupboard in the doorway and found it was 1 cm shorter than the opening. This is going to be tricky. After a bit of heaving, jiggling, shaking, and brute force the cupboard finished on a layer of bricks.

Then I went inside and moved the items to go into the shed. Once satisfied that I had moved everything to there, I went down to the caravan and opened it and moved those items. In the meantime, I did not realise how much time I had spent doing this and started to get grumpy. I checked my watch 1.00pm – I am hungry!!!

Had lunch and then continued on.

I had moved most things when Sue came home, so the lounge room was looking great.

The rest of the day alternated between club newsletter, blogs and cleaning up, and continued till bed time.

The blood glucose levels all day were in the 4s to 5s range – really good, but I started to have gastric twinges. Perhaps I have a slight abdominal infection and my kidneys are working overtime to flush it out!

I did notice however one of my toes on each foot felt like it had chill blains and I had numbness in the left leg to go with it…Will monitor and I have to see my doctor shortly to get the annual check done.

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