Another fundraiser for Diabetes Qld

Woke early and finished packing for Sam Rowe’s Diabetes Qld fundraiser – a Treasure Hunt at Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden at Tanawha.

Had breakfast and then changed into my bushwalking pants, Diabetes Qld t-shirt, socks and bushwalking boots. Included was my old mate #gavinswaterbottle.

Woke Gemma up and then we headed off.

Arrived at the Botanic Garden and found Sam and then prepared for the Treasure Hunt. Gemma then pointed out that I had a large hole in my pants. No Not my good North face bushwalking utility pants. I felt back and found the hole. My t-shirt was covering my dignity so all is good. Stop sniggering #gavinswaterbottle!!!

So off Gemma and I went and followed the directions and answered questions. I activated the MapMyHike to track our wanderings. Most of the questions were easy, but a couple of them were really tricky! The amount of sculpture, native plants, natural bushland, watercourses and the like kept the visual senses overloaded. The only downfall was the lack of koalas which would have scored 2 points for each sighting.

After 21 questions, and 4.47 km made it to the morning tea gathering near the Friendship Colonnade. Morning tea was provided and after a rest headed home. Upon changing my boots, I found the tread to be well worn down and did not look like they will make it to the Great Ocean Walk, let alone make it to be replaced after.

As it was lunch time, decided to stop at Subway, Glass House Mountains. On arrival noticed a lot of people there. So on the Hungry Jacks at the same location. This also had a long queue. Entering McDonalds, next door to Hungry Jacks, and there hardly anybody there. Right! Lets see if we can get a proper Chicken ’N’ Pineapple Burger.

Walked out with the real deal. Yay!

Drove home and had the fries on the way home. Once home ate the burger and finished the drink.

After lunch, changed out of my trousers and found the there were many holes in them. Will you stop sniggering #gavinswaterbottle!!!

The rest of the day was spent writing up the club newsletter, and planning and mapping the walks for the next couple of months.

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