Bright ideas just keep coming

Awoke at a reasonable time. Looking forward to today. Only two of us in the pod, Rahul’s last day before he goes on paternity leave.

Went through the files and checked the meta data was correct on them before there are too many files. Out of the 500 files handled by me, only 20 needed updating. Also I updated those 26 files handed to Vinodh to reflect him now handling those files. God I love being Intelligence Coordinator.

Then I looked for the next file for my attention. There was only one needing urgent attention. So I had a look at it. But before I do, I need a coffee. Although later in the day than normal, went and got one anyway. Rahul and I agreed to go out after the busy time to get lunch at Jackpot.

So back to work and get into the files. The long black from Asana went down well as usual.

Then it was time for lunch, so off to Jackpot I went, with Rahul meeting me there. I ordered a black pepper and beef strips and rice and a pork bun, washed down with a “Blue Moon” beer. Then toasted Rahul’s new family addition due any time.

Then it was back to work through a really warm day, and continue on till the end of the day.

Once work was over, it was walk to Roma Street Station via the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. Post Office Box. I got on the train and proceeded to have a proper read of “Circle” magazine from Diabetes Australia. One article struck me about a person that had been diagnosed with diabetes and decided to take on Mount Warning. With his gear failure and having to walk barefooted he then said he was looking forward to climbing Mount Tibrogargan.

Need to compose a letter to the editor in reply to join a club to work up the ability and skills for bushwalking as well as manage diabetes. Also determine which level to send it on behalf of.

Arrived home and was then sent off to get McDonalds for dinner. Ordered the new chicken and pineapple burger large meal and went home. I was that hungry I did not notice the flaw…until halfway through when I realised that the chicken patty was actually a beef patty. Anyway good enough it’ll do…

Had dinner and then settled down and prepared for the Diabetes fundraiser tomorrow, then hit the hay. The idea of a whale watching walk has been well received now to put it together!!

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