Another meeting…but loving it!

Woke especially early this morning. Felt really good too. The sudden change of wind in my finances is helping a great deal.

Walked to the bus with a spring in my step and was greeted by a happy bus driver. Caught up on logging activity etc. then settled in for the bus ride to Narangba Station. After 20 minutes in the bus it was a change to the train, which arrived shortly after getting onto the platform for the City-bound trains.

Found myself a seat on the train, rummaged through my bag to see what I might do to amuse myself, but yawned instead. So I put everything away and slept in the train to Fortitude Valley Station. I was lucky, I have had an extended commute due to sleeping past my station at Central.

Arrived at work, changed and went to my desk. No-one is here! Going to be a quiet day. So into work I launched myself, then at morning tea, I looked at how I was going to make the last payment on the car. I will have to walk across town to the bank and transfer the money. Decided that as my ID card holder had broken that morning, I should go to Officeworks on the way there or back and get the replacement parts.

Back to work and made huge progress on a file. Then it was time for lunch.

Leaving the building on a balmy winters day, I walked to the Bendigo Bank in Adelaide Street, deciding to go to Officeworks on the way back. While processing the deposit the teller said the payee had not included the details of the bank account. I suggested to use the name on the letterhead and add the reference number. I will scan the letter and receipt and email them about the payment. That was all good and just goes to show why I like this bank. Nothing seems too difficult for tellers to do their work.

Then I walked down Adelaide Street heading for Officeworks. With the lunchtime crowd, and my PTSD, some of the intersection crossings proved onerous, with me not being able to move quickly enough to catch the lights in my favour. Anyway eventually I made it to Officeworks.

I made a bee-line for the parts I needed and…the place has been re-arranged! It took a full scour of the establishment before I found what I needed. I did however pick up a small lunch box that will be perfect for bushwalks. I suppose that’s why shops are rearranged make you look around and spot other items of interest.

So, then it was back to work for lunch, and time to prepare for the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. committee meeting. Found all the pertinent emails, printed them to PDF and imported them into OneNote. Had lunch and back to the desk to complete the file.

Completed the file and then searched for the next files to attend to. I noticed that some of the metadata was missing on some files and some needed their statuses to be updated. So worked through those.

My supervisor then went to depart and said she would be away for the next week.

There goes getting the files completed and out of the team’s hair. Out of my control, so just plug on.

At the end of work, made sure I had collated all the information for the meeting, then went down and got changed.

To get to the meeting, I have a choice to hang around in town till just after 6.00pm and get the bus, or leave at 5.15pm and walk the 5.5km to the meeting. As it was a great night, walked to the meeting.

At the meeting, worked through the business and completed the meeting. During the meeting with a discussion about social media, it was decided to create a WordPress account for Bushwalking Queensland Inc.

After the meeting, went home in Andy’s car, where we spoke about all matters of bushwalking etc.

Arrived home and then felt hungry. Harvested some pies out of the freezer and bread. Then went to bed.

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