Wish I could tell

Woke a little earlier this time. Plenty ofttimes to get ready and face the new day. Being Wednesday, it will be me and another in my pod, with the other two on a day off.

So did the usual commute, but this time decided to change it up and get onto a different part of the train. As I always say, a change is as good as a holiday. The mornings are getting warmer as we head out of July. However, the Ekka westerlies are still a couple of weeks off – the last gasp of winter!

So, I arrive at work, boy is it quiet. I am summoned to go and get a coffee. What a champion idea!! Went to Anthology coffee, but no more sparkling water before the coffee. I decided to have a chocolate infused coffee this morning. Headed back to work and get stuck into it.

While working through a new file, the details seemed familiar to me. I had worked on a file a few years ago involving this person. Better check the previous years’ registers! And then lo and behold! there it was. Looking through this file, it is apparent that the person involved is continuing on their practices, although somewhat non-compliant.

That gave me a new vigour to finalise this file so that appropriate action can be taken. Also it has brought into question my organisation’s own systems and their reliability.

The next thing I knew it was lunch time, so packed up my lunch paraphernalia and headed to the big kitchen. Had my sweet chilli tuna and vitaweat biscuits, and then a long black. I sorted out the donation money of some $215.00. Now past the $500 mark on my way to $1200.

Back to the desk and continued on my work, then I stumble across more issues. Will consult the team leader when back tomorrow.

Then it was time to go home and off I sauntered. Caught an earlier train than normal from Roma Street and then caught the earlier bus to home. Arriving home to the smell of chicken curry. I am hungry!

After an hour of waiting for dinner, finally tea was served, and well relished.

Next I reviewed the bills that were due to be paid. I will be doing that at work tomorrow, just need to make sure I have got them.

Then it was time for a long black mocha, and settle into bed

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