Things I do

Woke late again, but managed to get my act together to catch my normal bus. Hoped my blood glucose levels were OK as I went to bed with 9.0! Maybe it was too soon after supper! The blood glucose prior to breakfast was 4.2! Yay! I’m going to have a good day!

Tonight is the Bushwalking Australia Inc. teleconference and I had better get my finger out and do the Queensland State report.

Arrived at work and commenced on finalising yesterday’s file. Should be finished today…but! One of the systems I access has my account suspended due to inactivity for 28 days. Email sent and await rectification.

I needed a coffee…don’t want to go out of work! Coffee jar empty! Have to go out regardless. I know, I‘ll go to the Nightowl and get a coffee from there for a change. Turned out the coffee machine was being maintained, so bought a jar of coffee and two bananas. Good old morning tea!

Once I had the coffee it was getting to lunch time so, I prepared for lunch and took my lunch chattels to the break out area and sat down. Lemon and cracked pepper tuna with 5 vita-weats for lunch, with water.

This gave me the chance to compile the meeting notes onto OneNote in readiness for the teleconference later that night and e-mail the State Report.

Once much was complete, went back to my desk and for the afternoon completed a file. They are going down in number now.

Once I had finished the file it was “too late to start anything new”, so decided to leave earlier than normal. This allowed me to visit the Bushwalking Queensland post office box and collect any mail, on my way to Roma Street Station.

Arriving at Roma Street Station it was only a short time before my train arrived. I boarded and checked emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. before reviewing the meeting notes, agenda and minutes.

Upon arriving home I announced to Sue I had a meeting to go to and she said, “Tea’s not far away!” After half an hour of waiting, Sue said, “Things are not quite ready. Needs a little longer.” When it was ready, it was time for me to depart for Andy’s and the teleconference. So it was put into the microwave for my return.

I made it Andy’s with about 5 minutes to spare and readied myself. At the appointed time, dialled into the teleconference, said our welcomes and proceeded with business. The teleconference was a cosy affair with 2 delegates from each State, except NSW who had their own meeting on. The meeting went for an hour and a half and on completion and saying our good-byes it was time to reflect and attend to other business, including club business with Andy.

Once that was sorted, and gaining the edited walk calendar, I headed home to devour my dinner, chicken schnitzels, mashed potato, sweet potato, peas and corn. That made the night, so I settled and went to bed.

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