Big recovery

Woke a bit late than I wanted to, so only had time to iron one shirt and pair of trousers. By the time I had taken my BGL (4.3) and had my oats and soy for breakfast and a long black, with which I took my two Lovan capsules, and then had a shower and dressed it was too ate to leave home for my usual bus. Then Sue got up and was able to take me to catch the bus. Such a #sweetheart!

Arrived at Narangba Station just before the train was due. So go out of the bus, touching “off”, touched “on” at the station and made a multi-step ascent of the stairs for the overhead bridge. On the overhead bridge made a walk of ten to the dozen and made the descent steps in no time. Went down the steps in multiple of twos and threes and made it on the train.

The train did not have any hold-ups and arrived at work at 8.23 am. However, I was paying for it. My thighs and knees were screaming for attention. Too bad! Just because you did a good job yesterday doesn’t mean I’ll be lenient on you today!!

As I was dressed for work, just needed to change my shoes and belt. I reached my desk at 8.43am. Then I started work. What will I tackle today. Perhaps more files? Continue the update work I was doing on Friday? Decisions, decisions. Then decided to tackle more files. I had got bogged down instead and that needed rectifying. I reviewed my work and determined that the files I was working on could be classed complex and moved to another folder for another day.

Having done this, I then started a new file, feeling better for it.

I then received an email from the MyGov. I logged in and was informed that the rest of the money will go into the account on Wednesday. Payday as well lovely! That is the money sorted for the car to fully own it and just need to await for the payroll to deposit the held money minus tax back into the account and on we go. Must organise insurance for the car and then think about registration, which is due in November. I have no worries about money any more. The biggest and best decision I have ever made was to get a debt agency to take over my credit card debt which resulted in all the credit cards being cancelled and one payment each fortnight to pay back the balance at a much lower rate.

Later I received an email from a fellow colleague. She suggested forming a 5:2 fasting club. This fits in nicely with managing diabetes and the opportunity to take this on would increase awareness. Now I need to do research on getting a work club off the ground and what the 5:2 diet or fasting diet is. With the diabetes connection, I emailed Charlotte to get her opinion and she was rapt with the work I am doing and suggested organising a visit by Diabetes Qld to the 5:2 club for this. Have some work to do to get this off the ground.

Having reviewed all the good news for the day, then entered the donations on the . I have to also email every the link so they can donate as well.

So the end of a busy day had ended when the manager asked what time I was going home. Oh crap! Better pack up and go!

So I changed and made the usual train and bus to be home at my normal time of 7.00pm. Due to the recovery needed sat down, watched TV, had dinner then went to bed.

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