Rainy day…happy day!

Woke early (don’t know what for), had my usual breakfast, and then went back to bed. Awoke after a couple of more hours of sleep, and it was a dreary day outside. Today I will finalise the donations from yesterday and prepare for the bushwalk fundraiser tomorrow. That took a bit of time but all was ready for tomorrow, as long as the weather is better than today!

Then it was a case of snuggle in and catch up on Facebook, etc,. and a bit of study.

I then thought to check my.gov.au and see the status of my tax return. It has been deposited as of yesterday.  Happy days! The amount of money required to pay off the car is being reached at a spectacular pace.

Then I also noticed another bonus had been paid. Edging closer. Better report that Sue had no income, which I had forgotten to do! This will be the last of the money due to us!

So went to bed as content as ever…it is all coming to plan..Now I can really concentrate on my fundraising.

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