Doin’ my bit for Diabetes Qld

Today was a big day. I have organised a morning tea as a fundraiser for Diabetes Qld #gogreenandgive as part of National Diabetes Week 2016 #NDW2016.
I woke early and planned out the day, should I go in early or just catch the normal transport as per the [23 March post]. After procrastinating it turned out the normal commute was the way in today.

On arrival at work, went to my locker and collected the rest of the diabetes related paraphernalia and then to my desk. I was pumped for the fundraiser so went off to Coles and purchased kiwifruit, apples, pears, celery sticks, carrot sticks, water crackers, avocado, lime and sea salt dip, and herb and garlic dip.

I arrived back at work, blew up the balloons, stuck them to the wall, put up the flyers, map of my walk on the Great Ocean Walk, and previous maps of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 100km challenge. I placed on the tables donation boxes and then proceeded to prepare the food. A couple of others arrived and assisted me and before we knew it the hungry horde turned up. About 20 people all up turned up as there were other morning teas going on. After going back to work, I emptied the donation boxes and collected $98.00, plus given $40.00 later on. Also another few donations came on line via taking my tally to $360.00. That’s just under $900 to go to hit my target.

The morning tea was engaging as I was able to give information about diabetes and increase awareness.

After ending a thank you email around, I had people saying they will look at it next week. I let Diabetes Queensland know of the donations and need to add the $98.00 to the tally. Just have to transfer the funds to their account. Perhaps leave this till Monday when I will also have the money from the challenge on Sunday.

Rest of the day was a normal work day except for foraging on the morning tea left overs. I was so busy that I omitted to check my blood glucose levels.

Went home on the earlier train than my normal home commute and while on the train a young woman asked what time the train got into Dakabin. I gave the time then realised which train I was on, so after a quick apology, a retraction, I set her straight, along with another passenger. Her main concern was waiting for a taxi at Dakabin Station which is a dark backwater station and the area does not have a food reputation.

She was happy and thanked me for the assistance as she get off the train at Dakabin. When I arrived at Narangba the bus was waiting, so I boarded it, then left it at Government Street to walk home.

Once I made it home (thank God this time I did not activate #pokemongo!!) the kids were surprised to see me and then wanted Hungry Jacks, so I got in the car and drove to Hungry Jacks, bought dinner then put my feet up.


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