It is like a holiday!


BGL: 4.3

Meal: Oats and soy

Carbs: 23g


BGL: 5.1


Meal: Tuna and vita-weats

Carbs: 21g


Meal: 6 x dim sims, a large taco

Carbs: 75g

Days events and thoughts

Another day at work.

The train trip was delayed as a train ahead of us decided that it wasn’t going to work no more. That closed one of two lines down so the trains had to be put on one line and the express trains then had to negotiate the all-stoppers. Arrived at work about half an hour late.

I am still coming to terms with the changed work environment. I am awaiting for the new supervisor to review my work so I can get on and complete other files. In the meantime worked on updating the system with the results of older files. As she only works a five day fortnight, my schedules have to change. I also have to get used to the new way of getting things done.

Received notification that my novated lease expires on 25/07/2016. Now to put together the residual payment. I submitted my tax return last weekend, so all that payment should be close to coming. This will cover most of the residual, and with the money to be paid out, minus tax, that is owing will be a nice recovery. Just need to bide my time and wait for the process.

Looks like my sojourn to the Great Ocean Road is a goer and that has given me added enthusiasm to get donations rolling.

Made an announcement at work of the #gogreenandgive morning tea on Friday and have received a great response. Now to go and get the required goods on Thursday/Friday, plus assistance.

Published the details of the 1 2 3 or 4 peaks walk after deciding that each person should pay $5 for each peak. Also non-affiliated club members need to pay $5 insurance. Fingers crossed for an awesome day. Details are at

National Diabetes Week 2016 Peak challenge

Went home and had a quiet night as I am coming down with a cold!  The weather at the moment is pleasant as it doesn’t matter what you wear, you don’t feel hot or cold!! Or have I got a fever!!

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