When stressed – move furniture


BGL: 4.5

Meal: Oats and soy! Yay!

Carbs: 23g

Weight: 103.1kg

Neck: 39cm

Waist: 109cm

Hips: 114cm


BGL: 4.1

Meal: Tuna and multigrain bread

Carbs: 23g


BGL: 5.4

Meal: Hungry Jacks Chicken Hunger Tamer

Carbs: 47g

Bed Time

BGL: 4.2

Day summary

Had a really good nights sleep. Sue then went off to a friends place and left me to finish off the chores that I could not compete yesterday. I have got au fait with the glucometer now, so can keep an eye on the levels again. I think I was starting to stress out with the unknown and feigning having a hypo because of it. My panicking to get the glucose test done was causing difficulties as there was little blood able to be sourced due to the stress.

So I decided to do the best thing to combat stress, take my mind completely away, and do a good bit of cardio, in the form of moving furniture. It only took me three hours to move the furniture, but it was also a chance to sort things out and get rid of stuff that hadn’t moved from its place of rest for at least one year. What a cull, and the recycling gets collected tomorrow, what an added bonus!

Sue cam home to a fresh house and was pleased. The budgie on the other hand took a couple of goes of flying before the cage was found. Had to resort to tiring the poor bird out and carry him to the cage, and wait for him to recover then try again. He soon got the hang of it and is once again happy.

Sue decided to get Hungry Jacks tonight as she was beat after visiting the Your Town prize home in Maleny. She was saying how good it was so I bought tickets. Would love to live in Maleny in retirement.

Oh well off to bed after an awesome day, and ironing the week’s clothes.

Good night!

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