July Bushcare Day


Meal: Toast and honey

Carbs: 35g


Meal: Banana and apple

Carbs: 15g


Meal: Apple

Carbs: 9g


Meal: Chicken Kievs

Carbs: 115g

Day’s Events and Thoughts

Woke early with the grand plan to join the Wy-Wurry Walkers in Caboolture for their morning walk. By the time I was ready to go, it was too late to leave…oh well! went back to bed and let till 10.00am!

I awoke to find that Sue had gone to her mothers, so was at home with the kids tillshe returned.

So, as any good husband would do, it was time for housework, washing, dishes, scrubbing toilet, cleaning bathroom, etc. While doing the chores, decided it was time for an update. I’ll move the lounge room furniture around. Not today though….tomorrow!

At 1.00pm departed home for Bushcare, with instructions to my eldest daughter to watch her youngest sister while I was gone.

Arrived at 1.30pm and took photos of the progress, not bad seeing as it was a real neglected area at one stage, but look at it now!

The Bushcare Officer arrived and after the briefing, grabbed saws and attacked another lot of broadleaved pepper. Did this till 3.30pm, when it was time to knock off. Then walked home the 4km. I surveyed how big an area of broad-leaved pepper was to be removed. This will keep me occupied till 2020 at least.

On arrival at home at 4.30pm, Sue was home and asked me what time I had left. When I told her, she informed me that Stacey had taken off at 1.30pm, leaving Lauren home alone. Turns out Stacey had been invited to a party at the last minute and just took off!

The rest of the night till bed time was working on the latest club newsletter.

Will endeavour to get the BGL right tomorrow.

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