Back on track


BGL: 4.6

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g


BGL: 6.2


Meal: Tuna and vita-weats

Carbs: 25g

Afternoon Tea

Meal: Banana and apple

Carbs: 40g


BGL: 4.4

Meal: Fish and chips and dagwood dog

Carbs: 120g

Bed Time

BGL: 7.2

Day Summary

Woke early and had plenty of time to ready myself for the day. Again had trouble driving the AccuChek glucometer, it kept coming up with error. Had another go and success! The walk to the bus was quiet this morning, the cold is keeping everyone indoors. Even when I caught the train there was only half the normal number of people waiting to get on!

No sooner had I sat down in the train and settled in I fell asleep. I awoke at Wooloowin just four stations before the city!

I had to go to training for changes to some legislation an hour after getting in so took my time preparing. The training was interesting and I was made aware of the impact these changes would have to y role.

After training, went out and got the right lancets, plus a coffee, and went back to work and did some more updating of our system.

At lunch, which I am now getting used to the routine for the new building, I updated the blog and checked Facebook etc. and read the news. The Turnbull government is edging closer to a majority in the House of Reps. Juno has settled into its orbit around Jupiter after a five year trip.

As it was getting close to the end of the day (too late to start anything new!) a colleague and I devise a new map of Australia based on the election results.

Finished work and went home.

Met Sue at Want The Food and ordered fish and chips and went home for a hearty meal.

Enjoyed a bit of TV then got back into study and went to bed.

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