Glucometer bites the dust!


BGL: 5.4

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g


Meal: Tuna and vita-weats

Carbs: 25g

Afternoon Tea

Meal: Banana and apple

Carbs: 40g


Meal: Chicken schnitzels and veges

Carbs: 70g

Day Summary

Was awoken by my alarm at 5.30pm. That gives me just over an hour to have breakfast, test my blood glucose, shower, shave, dress, etc. I bolted out of bed and forgot the iPhone and turned on lights and prepared my breakfast. Next thing I hear the alarm going off, and its getting closer…Oh no its woken Sue up, and she is bringing the iPhone with her (probably to throw at me!).

So I had my glucose test, and got ready to depart for work. At 6.40am, I was out the door and on my way, on a very brisk morning, to the bus.

After travelling the bus and then getting on the train, I settled in for the 50min ride to the City. Upon arrival in the city I picked up my bags and alighted. Passing through the City I was digging in my bag to get my ID card and keys out and the bag felt different. Oh well, will further investigate it when I am getting changed at the end of trip facility at work.

So while getting changed I discovered the problem. My beanie and glucometer were not to be seen. I remember them in the train when I was getting my glasses out. They’ve fallen out and I didn’t think they had. Long gone now. No need to chase this up. Luckily I have a spare beanie at home and two spare glucometers as well.

I finally get to my desk to find that I am the only one in my pod today. This is a good chance to catch up on other aspects of my job as work review won’t happen till next week.

At lunch went and bought a weeks lunches and some other sundry items.

After work, I then headed home and while commuting devised a plan to rectify the glucometer problem. I have an Abbot Freestyle one and a AccuChek one. I have used the Abbot one since diagnosis in 2014, so why not get the lancets and strips for the AccuChek and give it a go.

So when I arrived home, tea was ready for me, so after tea I went to the local chemist shop and bought the lancets and strips. When I came home, I found I had bought the wrong lancets. Luckily I had the lancet and tool from the Abbot to prick my finger in the interim. No glucose reading was obtained however as I had trouble getting the glucometer to read. I’m too tired to read the instructions properly. Will give it a go in the morning!

So I went to bed.

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