Nearly PTSD train wreck


BGL: 6.5

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g

Morning tea

Meal: Fruit and Nuts

Carbs: 28g


Meal: Tuna and vita-weat

Carbs: 60g


Meal: Dim sims

Carbs: 90g

Day Summary

Woke at 4.00am. Got up and prepared myself for the new week, with a touch of dizziness. I had breakfast and ironed my trousers and 4 shirts. While having breakfast I remembered to take my PTSD medication which I had neglected for the past four days, but didn’t feel any different. I think I am on top of this!

Looking at the clock I was running short of time, however I have 10 minutes up my sleeve if I go to a different bus stop. All is sweet. Out the door at 6.50 am and caught the bus at 7.10 am near the high school.

Normal day at work, with a couple of meetings with my new team leader/supervisor as they work out their new role.

At 5.00pm noticed that it was time to leave, so made a quick exit and made it to Central Station in a good time.

Till I saw all the passengers! What is happening? Then an announcement that there were delays for Ipswich and Springfield trains due to a police incident at Sunshine Station. My heart sank. That means my line is affected as well, but they don’t know the impact as yet. Then it was announced that buses were replacing trains between Northgate and Zillmere. Hmmm! Should I go over to the Shorncliffe line? Went over there to check out the progress of trains on that line and the announcement, due to the price incident at Sunshine Station, all lines in the network are suffering residual delays.
The next Shorncliffe train was due in 20 mins. Might wait for it and get the train and bus home that way. Then the announcement that trains had resumed on the Caboolture line but not stopping at Sunshine. Definitely a person hit by a train there. Oh God I can feel my PTSD welling up now!

The next train through Central was a Caboolture train, and I thought hang it, got to get out of the city. My heart was racing a bit, I had got sweaty, and I needed to get out of this crowd.

I got on the train and distracted myself with my laptop and didn’t notice that we had passed through Sunshine. I started to feel a lot better when I realised we were at Bald Hills a long way past. When the train finally arrived at Narangba, the last bus was waiting. I texted Sue of the what was going on but no acknowledgement. I texted Stacey to tell her mother and then I got an apology text from Sue.

After arriving home at 8.00pm, an hour later than normal, I had dinner, and then went to bed early. I fell asleep but was only asleep for about 2 hours when I was awoken to myself gagging. I had vomited into my mouth. I then felt really nauseous, dizzy and a strong headache. I went and sat up and watched TV in the lounge room to let my stomach settle and if I needed to have a further vomit. By the time it had settled down, and I was too tired to care, it was 5.00am. So I went to bed and slept till 8.30, when my alarm woke me. I texted work of my day off and then went back to bed.

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