Where to from here?


BGL: 6.0

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g

Morning Tea

BGL: 4.3

Meal: Muesli bars x 2, apple, 2 bananas

Carbs: 10g


BGL: 4.2

Meal: 2 x sausage rolls, almond and fruit slice

Carbs: 60g

Afternoon Tea

Meal: Banana, Apple, sweet tarts

Carbs: 30g


Meal: Barra and chips and salad with rum and coke

Carbs: 110g

Day Summary

Woke at 5.30am, had breakfast and cup of coffee then raced off to have a shower, as time was against me yet again. So much for the later start! Due to the tendon in my ankle decided tout a knee brace on my right knee to stop me favouring other parts of my leg and causing the tendon problems.

Arrived at Esk Railway Station at 7.00pm in time for the group photo and to meet Tanya Smith President of the BVRT. Once the photos were over, off we headed south towards Mount Hallen. The knee brace was working a treat, just sore pads on my feet. Suck it up its only for half a day!

Further description is described in #gavinswaterbottle adventures at http//:glasshousebw.wordpress.com

After the walk, went back to the caravan, dropped off the gear and then headed off to the Esk Bakery for lunch. Returned to the caravan, and let Andy pack up his gear into his car and also helped Desley get her gear in the car. Andy and Desley then left and just after they left, noticed a pair of Andy’s shoes had been left behind. Will pack them up with me tomorrow and take them to him at a later date. I SMS’d him anyway to let him know.

After a tidy up, I was concerned about my stick, (shut up #gavinswaterbottle!) and the Great Ocean Walk map which were with the organisers. I decided to head over to the Esk Wivenhoe Motor Inn where they were staying, and fid them in the park across the road, I was then invited to the “drinking corner” at the motel, where I received the stick and map and proceeded to help then get stuck int the leftovers from the three days, plus a couple of rums.

I was so lifted by my achievement and the organisation of the whole event, when the organisers Desley and Jeff mentioned they were looking for new organisers next year and forward. After putting a lot of thought to this, this would be a great opportunity for Bushwalking Queensland in much the same vein is Bicycle Queensland. Also, I was asked if I was interested in doing the Great Ocean Walk next year to lead a different fundraising crew. Mmmm that will take a lot of thought.

Then it was time for dinner, so we adjourned to the Club Hotel in Esk for dinner and after much mirth and laughter, decided to call it a night, and pass accolades around to all who participated.

Back at the caravan, I hunkered down as it was going to be a cold night, caught up on blogs etc. then went to bed. A good night’s sleep tonight I hoped.

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