Too cold for a selfie!


BGL: 6.8

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g

Morning Tea

BGL: 4.1

Meal: Muesli bars x 2, apple, 2 bananas

Carbs: 10g


Meal: 12 inch BLT sub, banana, apple, and mandarin

Carbs: 70g

Afternoon Tea

BGL: 5.6 – feeling hypo

Meal: Banana, Apple, sweet tarts

Carbs: 40g


Meal: Beef curry casserole and rice

Carbs: 120g

Day Summary

Woke at 4.00am, had breakfast and cup of coffee then raced off to have a shower, as time was against me again. At 6.00am, with back pack and #gavinswaterbottle, met the rest of the group at Esk Wivenhoe Motor Inn. We then were conveyed by vehicle to Coominya. Suffering from a blister and a tender tendon in my right ankle, I was wondering how far I could get today!

For the actual walk see blog at

On approach to Fernvale on the final leg and after Andy had gone far into the distance, I started to feel woozy and wondered if my BGL was low.I stopped for a break and sat down, composed myself and proceeded to take a BGL reading. As I was fishing out a test strip, I turned the container upside down and dumped all the test strips onto the grass covered ground. Some time was then spent picking up the test strips as about 40 had spilled out!

With the reading at 5.6 I was astounded, but decided that with the distance left a ChupaChup would be the go to ensure my blood glucose didn’t suddenly dive. I walked into Fernvale in time to see Andy depart and having to “go to the fence” to ensure 75 km had been completed for the two days.

I then hung around in Fernvale while awaiting my lift to Esk. In this time I had the opportunity to check out why my iPhone wasn’t taking selfies and photographs. Found out I had forgotten one important thing in the use of electronic devices – is it too cold. Turns out this was the problem. Oh well made up for it with my Olympus Mu camera.

Once I made it back to Esk, showered and changed and went to the Esk Club Hotel for a meal and then returned to the caravan and went to bed. Tomorrow has a later start.

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