Another good gathering ends

Woke at 7.00am and had breakfast and upon getting my BGL, the glucometer was not working at all. Too much of a hurry to worry about it this morning, I have a big day ahead. So had a shower and changed into my Diabetes Qld shirt, put on my President’s badge and went up to … Continue reading Another good gathering ends

Bushwalkers Pilgrimage 2016

Awoke late. Good thing I hadn’t registered for a walk. I awoke though dizzy and a bit sniffly. I went to test my BGL but the glucometer said there was low battery. Was it actually a low battery or was it because it was cold? As I arose, Andy was just leaving saying we were … Continue reading Bushwalkers Pilgrimage 2016

Partying weekend here I come

Woke early due to thoughts about Stacey. Had the day off so had time to compose myself and see how Stacey was when she rose from bed. When Stacey finally appeared she was a totally different mood. She was also off early to assist in running the coffee shop at school. So the girls were … Continue reading Partying weekend here I come


The day started of as a normal day. The having missed my normal train had to settle for the one 6 minutes later. Still no big deal get to start work at the same time. Then as the train departed Northgate Station, it seemed to be stop-start. Then the announcement - due to signal failure … Continue reading #windupthecatandputtheclockout

Here comes another interesting week

Woke a bit later but busting as usual. Had to get up to do more cleaning so the flat can be inspected today as it is going up for sale. Obviously this flat is not a good investment! If I had the money I’d buy it and just rent out unit 2. Then I could … Continue reading Here comes another interesting week