First day on the track


BGL: 7.4

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g

Morning Tea

BGL: 4.0

Meal: Muesli bars x 2, apple, 2 bananas

Carbs: 10g


BGL: 4.9

Meal: Ham and salad, egg and salad, banana, apple, and mandarin

Carbs: 131.7

Afternoon Tea

BGL: 5.8

Meal: Banana, Apple, Fruit sticks, pure blonde beer

Carbs: 10g


BGL: 4.1

Meal: Shepherds Pie, chips and coleslaw

Carbs: 207 g


BGL: 9.8 – possibly too soon after meal but I am tired

Day Summary

Woke at 4.30am, had breakfast and cup of coffee then raced off to have a shower, as time was against me. At 6.15am headed off to the Esk Rail Station with back pack and #gavinswaterbottle to meet the rest of the group.

For the actual walk see blog at Glasshouse Bushwalkers Blog

After the walk and upon advising the organisers of our safe return, we showered and changed and prepared for dinner at the local Esk Wivenhoe Motor Inn. The dinner was well worth waiting for as the chef was overwhelmed with the number of meals.

Then it was return to the caravan to catch up on blog writing and then bed.

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