That was a short work week


BGL: 4.6
Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee
Carbs: 23g


BGL: 4.9


BGL: Not done
Meal: Lemon pepper tuna and 5 vita-weats biscuits and two bananas
Carbs: 43g

Afternoon tea

Meal: 1 x banana, fruit and nut mix and some chocolate.
Carbs: 114g


BGL: 4.0
Meal: 1.5 x chicken fillet, mashed potato carrots and peas
Carbs: 73g

Day Summary

Last day of work for the week. Yippee! It is great working in the new team. The supervisor and I go way back to the Qld Police Academy and the first trainee constables on Bribie Island many moons ago.

Went to do my post-breakfast BGL and there were no test strips. Knew there was something I had to do this morning!! (#gavinswaterbottle let out a smirk!). One of these days I am going to remember everything!!

Went to a divisional meeting and many issues were discussed, including the usual updates of work progress. This will be changed up. One of the attendees gave a spiel on emotional intelligence training she had received recently. All very interesting.

Had a meeting with George from Vision Gyms regarding holding a trek in the near future. Decided on a venue between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and he wished to have a 25km trek. Decided on early November 2016 as the timing. Now to consult for a suitable venue that will cater for 120 people to do it.

Emailed Charlotte with the update. Will send her a reply tomorrow that the plan is to have a variety of distances. I am going to gauge how the charity walk on Thursday to Saturday is managed and may pick up some pointers. I am hoping as well to collect a lot of donations! The 1 2 3 or 4 peaks walk needs my undivided attention so I can plan 5, 10, and 20 km distances to incorporate 1, 2, 3, or 4 peaks.

Packed my bags at work with the gear I need (or think I need!). Then headed home catching the earlier train.

Cold day with westerly wind.

Bed Time

BGL: 5.6

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