Change is as good as a holiday


BGL: 6.5
Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee
Carbs: 23g

Activity: 15 minutes walk to the bus, then off the bus over the three lines at Narangba Station and catch the train and then 15 minutes walk from the station to work


Meal: Lemon pepper tuna and 4 vita-weats
Carbs: 24g


BGL: 5.1
Meal: Beef stroganoff and rice
Carbs: 77 g

Day Summary

Cool start to the morning. My chest pain is waning, it is now just across the diaphragm instead the whole chest like yesterday.

Arrived at work and went to my new desk and then grabbed my drawers, phone and other sundry items from my old desk and did the swap over in 15 minutes. New digs are different, and closer to the kitchen so I can lug my lunch stuff to the kitchen and not eat at my desk any more. Then it was rime for the blood glucose test, and… WHAT!!… no tester… oh well go without today and have a look at it for the dinner reading.

Went out at lunch to get some stuff as I forgot to load with the lunch stuff at home this morning. Ran into Maurice so did a circuit of a couple streets for a leg-stretch. Good company for a walk, but I wish he’d find a woman!

Had my lunch in the kitchen, as a preparation for the move to the new building, when we have to eat in the cafe style area. Had Coke Zero with my lunch and YUCK! I haven’t drunk that rubbish in a few months and well maybe never again. Give me my homemade water with lemon infusion any time.

Back to the desk and the new environment. I am feeling awesome!!!

After work, walked to Roma Street Station via the George Street Post Office and checked the mail for Bushwalking Queensland Inc. and the missing statement was in the box. Also went to post my postal vote, but the gum has come unstuck. So brought that home to seal properly then post.

Caught the train and on arrival at Narangba stepped from the train to the bus. Then walked home from the bus stop 1.3km.

Bed Time

BGL: 5.2

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