Inspection Day


BGL: 6.5

Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee

Carbs: 23g

Activity: 2 hours of housework


BGL: 4.2


BGL: 4.9

Meal: Sweet mustard tuna and multigrain bread

Carbs: 31g


BGL: 5.4


Meal: Dinner Winner and white bread.

Carbs: 93 g

Day Summary

Overnight showers made it wet and cold. Up early to get the unit ready for inspection, when a commotion came from the girls bedroom, then Lauren burst out and vomited into the toilet after leaving a pile on the floor beside Stacey’s bed. And boy was she white in the face.

Moved stuff into the caravan, shed and linen cupboard. Then grabbed the gerni and set it up to give the toilet a clean, placing it in the bathroom. Checked that the gerni would reach the toilet from here, went and connected up. Having connected up the hose, the tap turned on and the connection let go. Water went everywhere and due to the fall of the bathroom floor, the water run out onto the hallway carpet. Just what is needed before an inspection. Oh well if the work is not liked the property manager can come back.

The work done and the property manager arrived. A new one. Here we go again, have to let her get acquainted with the unit. After a quick look, photos taken, etc. Off she went. That’s it!!

I went to bed for a nap, feeling dizzy, aching and coughing.

The rest of the day was keeping warm and then ferry kids home as the weather was poor.

Bed Time

BGL: 6.3

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