Sorting out


BGL: 5.8
Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee
Carbs: 23g

Activity: 1.3 km walk from home to bus and1.2 km walk from train station to work.

Lunch-time walk of 30 minutes doing the pay day shopping.


BGL: 4.1
Meal: Lemon pepper tuna and vita-weats, pink donut and caramel slice, lemon water, banana and apple
Carbs: 111g


BGL: 4.3


Meal: Fish, chips and dagwood dog.
Carbs: 112g

Day Summary

Bit windy this morning. Great sunrise though.

Normal day at work, although getting into the changes that are in the air. Part preparing for our new building, but also the new team structure. Luckily I am always happy to be restructured. Keeps me sane!

The lunch-time BGL was low because of my lack of food till 1.00 pm and little food for morning tea in lieu.

I’m in the middle of getting my credit cards cancelled and having the debt consolidated for $130 per fortnight over 5 years. I can breathe easily now.

After work walked the 1.3 km to Roma Street Station and then 400m to the local fish and chip shop “Want The Food” and took home dinner.

Bed Time

BGL: Not taken although once in bed started aching in the upper chest area.

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