Back on the wagon


BGL: 4.5
Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee
Carbs: 23g

Activity: 1.3 km walk from home to bus and 1.2 km walk from train station to work.


BGL: 4.4
Estimated HbA1c = 29 mmol/mol = 5.0 mmol/l
Meal: Tomato and basil tuna and vita-weats, mixed berry yoghurt, and fruit salad
Carbs: 79g


BGL: 4.3

Activity: 1.2 km walk from work to train station and 1.3 km walk from the bus to home.


Meal: Tomato tuna bake.with pasta
Carbs: 63g

Day Summary

Bit frosty this morning. Beanie worn to combat the westerly wind through the follicles on the top of my noggin. Its not even Ekka time…

At work, made a long black – crap coffee, so went out and bought a long black from Asana. Now I have two bins for my desk!

Then had a team meeting. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the bosses to turn up. Only 15 minutes late!!! Good team building exercise as we restructure. Looking forward to the future now!

Really happy with the estimated HbA1c result. Must keep up the good work and stay on the wagon.

Bed Time

BGL: 6.2

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