New Week…What’s next?


BGL: 4.9
Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee
Carbs: 23g

Activity: 1.3 km walk from home to bus. Quick trip on the bus as the lights were out at Narangba Station so the bus fought its way through the traffic.

1.2 km walk from train station to work.


BGL: 4.4

Morning Snack

Meal: Fruit and nuts
Carbs: 49g


BGL: 5.5
Meal: Lemon pepper tuna and vita-weats with lemon slice
Carbs: 130g


BGL: 4.3


Meal: Dim Sims in soy sauce.
Carbs: 83g

Day Summary

Good day at work. Moved 30 files to the new procedure of batch processing. Able to work on other complex files that identification needed before moving the batch. Day started off cool, but the westerly kept the temperature down. Wondered if I had enough on for my walk from the bus to home.

Contacted Charlotte about the update in Bushwalking Queensland Inc. endorsed Noosa Trail network as the venue for the Diabetes Queensland trek in March 2017.

Bed Time

BGL: 9.6

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