Rainy days…


Weight: 102.7 kg
Neck: 40cm
Waist: 104cm
Hips: 114cm


BGL: 4.8
Meal: Quick Oats in soy milk and black coffee
Carbs: 23g


BGL: 4.2
Meal: Sweet chilli tuna and white bread (4 slices)
Carbs: 8g


BGL: 4.9

Afternoon snack

Meal: Raspberry chobani yoghurt
Carbs: 20g


Meal: 2 x chicken kiev, potato, carrot, peas.
Carbs: 70 g

Day Summary

Woken by a large downpour. Weather is expected to deteriorate during the day as a large trough reverses the state. Possible large falls coming. The rain really pelted down just after lunch. Good day to spend indoors and clean up.

While trying to get the girls to clean up their room, Stacey burst into tears and stormed out. Turns out she has block exams this week, being the last week of school before the mid-year break. So left her alone and made a pact with Gemma to get more money if she could do the room on her own. Lauren is too young mentally to allow her to tackle a task like this. I hope I get paid enough on Thursday to cover this!!

Bed Time

BGL: 6.3

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