Family gatherings

Woke early yet again. Today will be interesting as I go with Sue and the girls to visit Sue’s side of the family due to the passing of one of her uncles, Helmut. As we live in Deception Bay, 45 kms north of Brisbane, and they live at Regents Park, much the same distance to the south of Brisbane, a good drive was ahead.

First we had to pick up Gemma who was staying at a friends place in Margate. After picking her up and finding out the friend did not know what number she lived at, saw Gemma on the footpath further up the street than the house we waited outside.

Gemma then needed important goods from a local supermarket. After tending to that and upon driving off, I noticed the yellow fuel light was on.  Another delay! So got fuel and we were on our way. Till…as we exited from the Southern Cross Way, a radio announcement of road closures in the city due to the City2South Fun Run. So decided to go via the Story Bridge and Ipswich and Beaudesert Roads.

So half an hour late we arrived!

What a gathering of cousins and so forth! This side of the family has a number of diabetics and the range of approaches in dealing with the conditon astonished me! From me losing weight, and being very active to another having his left leg amputated, to others continuing  heavy drinking and smoking!

So after spending time with the family and the girls getting bored it was time to leave. As we left, Sue suggested that we visit her mother. Well we are on the “South-Side” of Brisbane, so might as well. We could also give her the news from her in-laws!

After a while there then headed home and had a quiet night…especially who are the first eliminated on House Rules!

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