Diabetes wake up call

Another day at work, but it is the last day of the week.

Woke early and got ready and heard the rain coming down. Checked the Bureau of Meteorology radar and noticed a break coming. Will head off as soon as the rain stops.

So made it to the bus, then train and walk in the city without a drop.

Then attacked the work for the day and discussed the new roles proposed for me. Seems I will be more in a support role for the team, and be able to concentrate on Sharepoint and updating and importing all the files to bring them into commonality. Also develop reporting so its timely.

Went out at lunchtime for a walk and purchase some lunch items and then came back and continued on.

As I was leaving work, felt sweaty, dizzy, and achy toes. Hope I can make it to Roma Street Station. NOT! Had to stop off at 7-11 to get a sugar fix. Once I had bought some donuts, continued on to Roma Street Station and felt a lot better, once I had taken in that dose of sugar.

The trip home was touch and go…Had I taken in enough sugar!? Had I overdone it? Was it all because I was exhausted.

I made it onto the bus and then the rain came down. Got off the  bus, ran to a shelter, put on my rain jacket stepped out and the rain stopped!  So arrived home fairly dry.

That night watched some movies, studied, and went to bed.


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