Welcome to winter…

In Australia, winter starts on 01 June, although it is fairly warm here in Brisbane, the forecast is for cooler temperatures as the week progresses.

Awoke earlier than normal. But was awake, and if I go back to sleep now I would be wise for wear when I wake.

Headed into work earlier than normal. Arrived in and Jamie and I the went and got coffee. This time the staff at Asana asked our names. Seems Emanuela remembers my name, and the said she won’t forget Jamie’s name as it is the same name as her boyfriend!

Back to work and compiled the stats for the previous month.

Then back into the usual routine, with one twist. I explored the usefulness of using OneNote for my searches and evidence gathering. Turns out to be real useful. Now I need to update the procedure manual even further.

I worked so hard today I forgot to have lunch. so went put to get some snack stuff in lieu. I was feeling pretty good, so diabetes was not on my radar.

Finally finished work and after a bit of mirth with the manager went and changed and then off home.

At home turned my mind to my assignment and other relaxing games before going to bed.

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