On the prowl…

Woke up early, in a bath of sweat. Feeling dizzy, got sniffles. Check BGL and it is 3.0, that is low (I’m a poet and I don’t know it!). Need to bolster my usual breakfast as it normally stabilised the blood glucose. Honey sandwich should do the trick.

Once I had recovered, headed into work, and arrived at my normal time. My BGL was 4.3…that’s better!

Started out normal day, then attended Microsoft One Note training. What a great resource now I know how to use it!

My computer is really working well now! Having Office 2007 and Office 2010 just didn’t do it.

Finalised the letters to various outdoor retailers with a view to source raffle prizes. Emailed Mountain Designs via their web form, K2 Base Camp and Paddy Pallin. Kathmandu only sponsor their own groups. Will approach Anaconda and Rays Outdoors and perhaps Outback Adventures. I am not despondent at the moment that my fund-raising is not going as well as I expected, but I feel it will lick up as I get closer to the Great Ocean Walk.

I also sent Charlotte a variety of Australian animals she was looking for to paint. I am sure I can find others.

Had a team meeting in the afternoon, and I realised how much in a rut I had stumbled. After I had received my dressing down, went back to the desk and re-evaluated everything. Yes I was in a rut. Had to find a strategy to deal with the situation. I looked at what needs to be reported to the manager, then how to easily get the stats required.

Feeling energised, headed home and concentrated on my next assignment for managing risk.

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