24 years out….

Monday…here is the working week. As soon as I get into work I need to email Charlotte to meet to pick up the package.

Today is the 24th Anniversary of my discharge from the Royal Australian Navy. Tomorrow is the 32nd anniversary of entering the Royal Australian Navy. And the first day…was a day off, but to be at Brisbane Airport early the next morning to fly to Melbourne to attend HMAS Cerberus and the Recruit School.

Rose early as usual, and ironed the weeks worth of clothes, packed my bags, had oats, yay!, and made an early start to the bus. Caught the 6.30 bus and arrived in work at 8.15am. Got changed, unpacked and went up to my desk. Settled in an there was an email from Charlotte, to meet at lunchtime.

I need a good walk so Milton was the agreed meet point – Mary Ryan’s Cafe in fact.

Having a good day at work, getting rid of files like no end, at 11.45 thought I had better get changed to go for the walk and meet Charlotte. Once changed, I gave myself half an hour to get to Mary Ryan’s. So I set off…

Walking up Charlotte Street, the weather was warm, which was great after a very cool night. I crossed George Street, and then Queens Park to William Street. Crossed Elizabeth Street and headed down the ramp onto the bikeway and foot path. Workmen were down there and large equipment was on the move. Back up and negotiate the traffic lights at the end of Victoria Bridge. Once past this went back down to the Bicentennial Bikeway and made the pleasant walk along the river to the Cribb Street exit. Crossed Coronation Drive and went up Cribb Street a short distance before turning left and walking to Mary Ryan’s Cafe. I was really close when Charlotte sent me a message that she had just sat down. She was early for once!

So met her and bought us our coffees and then talked about all manner of things as well as receive the package.

I then walked with Charlotte back to Diabetes Queensland in Finchley Street, Milton then headed back to work. All up I did 8.3 km and was away for two lovely hours. Back at work, changed into work clothes and continued on my day’s agenda. I stowed the package in my desk. I wonder how long I can last before I relent and have to do the next step with it!

Then, all of a sudden it was past my usual time to “wind up the cat and put the clock out”. Quick exit, change and I made the 5.46 train from Central.

When i arrived home I was glad to see food waiting for me! I had forgotten to eat all day! Not that I was hungry. I lacked appetite. The illness gripping a few of my family and friends is having a go at me. I get a sickly throat etc.

Anyway happy with my day!

Then Sue gets a message. Her uncle Helmut has passed away. One of her late dad’s brothers-in-law. Must await for news on arrangements etc.

That was it so into bed..

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