Walk day with #gavinswaterbottle

Woke at 4.00 am eager to get on this bushwalk, especially being the last one as part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s “Get Active” program and “Explore Moreton Bay” program.

Did some study and then got ready. How much will I take? It will be sandy, so should I take my sandals as well as my boots and see how I fare? All this deliberation and time slips through quickly. The next thing I know it was Andy out the front to pick me up.

After a quick drive it was on for the walk which is described by #gavinswaterbottle over at Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Inc.

Such a glorious day and on return home, the day was still quite good. That afternoon I reviewed the walk for today and then worked on other outstanding items. Always seems to be outstanding items!

Had dinner and after a bit of study hit the hay…

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