Good weekend?

Woke at 4.00pm and got stuck into my Risk Management study! Having been sent from work to do this unit, would be good to get formal recognition for it as well as updates to risk management.

Had breakfast again of WeetBix and a long black, took my Lovan and then started to feel weary. Went back to bed and slept till 12.30pm!

Woke to an empty house as Sue and the girls had gone to visit my mother-in-law.

So worked on getting things in preparation for the next working week, and the bushwalk on Bribie tomorrow.

I also added future events for the club.

As dinner time was approaching I was feeling light headed and sweaty. I did my BGL and the meter recorded 3.0. I am low, as 3.9 is my minimum. Had a honey sandwich followed by chicken schnitzel and vegetables. I came good after that and a short time later went to bed.

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