Last Friday in May and for Autumn 2016

Woke to a warm morning. A change is on the way which will bring cooler temperatures. Today’s agenda is to explore reporting in SharePoint, compose the fundraising letter for the various bushwalking equipment retailers, finish off files, and go home for another awesome weekend.

I might even fit in a lunchtime walk!

This morning’s breakfast was different. Couldn’t get my staple, so had to have Weet-Bix. This proved a winner…something different anyway…and I felt great.

Got into work early and started the computer. All good so far. Started up the file that I needed to complete, and then went with a colleague for coffee…long black…mmmm!

Came back to work. Sorted out then massaged the data…can’t do any more with this file… marked it for review and that was it. I was then invited to another coffee, which was good, as the last one didn’t touch the sides. It also gave me a chance to use the “Hey You” App. This is great ordered from the office, then went to the coffee shop and there was my coffee waiting for me! What a great app, as I also topped up via PayPal and will keep a handy balance on the card. And I was even awarded a loyalty star for my effort!

Back to work, and tackle the next file. There is nothing in this one. Easy to write off.

Thought I had better send the letter to Charlotte for her perusal. It came back promptly with a suggestion which I had thought about yesterday but had forgotten upon composing the letter. Thank you once again Charlotte!

Then it was on to the next file. This one was straight forward, just collecting the information is the time consumer. Put this one for review then knocked off work and went home.

I didn’t do my walk!! Oh well, not a great loss. Will do something tomorrow in lieu. At least my right foot is getting better. Hit the plantar wart hard and seems to have worked. Now to do the one on my other foot.

Finally I can also start my studies for the Diploma in Leadership and Management. First unit – Risk Management. Yahoo!

I had better start reviewing each states respective AAS in preparation for the Australian AAS Technical Working Group.

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