Things are looking up!

Another early morning again and it is cold, well not cold enough to have to rug up, but the coldest morning so far this year. Poor Sue is still suffering. She can’t lie down too long before coughing gets her out of bed. Must remember today to contact Frontier Leadership about the course.

Had the chance to get into work early, but that slipped through my fingers, must be due to my routine being disrupted with no oats for breakfast. Had to find an alternative this morning.

So caught the usual transport into work.

At work, BGL was 4.2 a tad low…no breakfast!! Anyway completed more files. My supervisor is not at work tomorrow so any files I want reviewed will be put on hold. Oh well! Must keep plugging through.

Charlotte replied to my email about the fundraising success I had developed. She then sent me a letter of authorisation to put with the letters to these businesses as proof of my sincerity in garnering items for fundraising.

That is sorted!

I then received an email from Desley of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail thanking me for my registration and she is eager to talk to Bushwalking Queensland Inc. about bushwalking issues and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

That is sorted!

Received a phone call from Craig of Frontier Leadership. He apologised for taking so long to get back to me, but their computer system needed more work than they anticipated, putting them behind. He said to start a module of my choice and then by the time this one is complete, the rest of the modules will be ready to go. Chose Risk Management module to study, which will be easy as it is an integral part of my current job.

Right that is sorted!

A big file I was working on is becoming completed.


So the day ended and I went home and put my feet up and gloated about the best day I have had for quite a long time. I love success!

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