Time to ramp up

Payday tomorrow, so I had better get my next set of plans in place, and of course work out the bills that are in need of attention.

Started the day a little slow, I am on the verge of coming down with a cold or flu, but in the main it is being kept at bay. However, my right eye is suffering. The pterygium has flared up with conjunctivitis in it and starting to go over the pupil. Wish I hadn’t squandered the money years ago in the height of my depression and PTSD. Now I really need help. That’s it I have resisted for too long in having a go at crowd funding, must bite the bullet and set off on that path. Need to keep a careful eye on money transferring although these days the sites seem robust that transparency is the key.

After this episode, turned my mind to work and the great groan. A weight is off my shoulders in trying to get rid of the backlog, but I am not happy that I seem to be going nowhere.

At lunch, with a nice mexican tuna and vita-weet I moved to strategies for fundraising. Bushwalking gear would be worthwhile. So I went out for a walk and visited Mountain Designs and Kathmandu. I priced a few things then went back to work. The strategy is dependent on raffles and fundraising. Went and consulted the Office of Far Trading. Gross takings of up to $2000 has no need to be licensed, as long as the value of the prizes is at least 20% of the total takings. If I get bushwalking boots for $300.00 then I can raffle for up to $1500, just the money I need to fundraise for the Great Ocean Walk. But I need to maintain my integrity. I need to find out how to get the money to purchase the boots. Either I purchase them outright, and then sell the $1500 of tickets and reimburse myself the expenses for holding the raffle. This will still put me over the line.

Another alternative is to seek donations. Last year we approached K2 Base Camp, Mountain Designs and Paddy Pallin and was given no assistance for a fundraising initiative. I might go and visit them again and see if the the activity with Diabetes Qld is a different perspective. I will do that tomorrow.

The other alternative of course is for Bushwalking Queensland to purchase the items and hold the raffle and then donate the money as support for me and Sam. Will revisit this if the donations plan doesn’t come to fruition.

Later that day had a team meeting and what a wake up call.  Didn’t realise that I was slipping so much. Anyway, pick myself up, dust myself off and take on a new strategy.

At the end of the day was pleased with myself in the progress made in all facets.

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