New week…new work!

Well, not exactly!

Arose early at 3.50 am after a champion sleep on my account.

As I had prepared myself properly the night before, I took my time to get ready and was able to leave in time to get the 6.30am bus and not the usual 7.00am bus.

Arrived at work and thought to make the most of the extra time by going for a walk at lunchtime.

Hit my work and was surprised how well advanced I had left it. Worked my way through a file, and then was summonsed to Bullying and Harassment Training. Interesting workshop to identify bullying and harassment and the differences and how to deal with them.

Then it was lunch. Walked 7.38km via the Story Bridge and the Goodwill Bridge, averaging 9.5 min/km. The walk took me 57 minutes. Gotta be happy with that. Except my toes started to ache. Another sign of diabetes? Must soldier on. I am also treating two toes with plantar warts (verruca) and these are the most painful. Whether my other toes are going out in sympathy?

Back at work had two files returned from review, and one is more complex than I thought, so spent time rectifying the file. The other was a simple no further action file. Put it to bed.

Having reviewed the no show yesterday, will hold the event again in a couple of weeks. I am eager to also lead up Mount Beerwah, Flinders Peak and some others in my fundraising quest.

Headed home and had a fairly quiet night as one daughter is at school camp.

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