The big Game day!

Woke at 4.00am and printed the outstanding documents. Now have registration forms, question sheets, donation sheet, answer sheet, maps to be sealed. Still needed to get pencils, stickers for the sealed maps, and tape to stick up signs. Will get them on the way in. Aspley has the 24 hour newsagent…

Packed the car, had breakfast, and headed off, arriving at Raven Street Reserve at 7.15am. Boy, it is unusually quiet! This does not look good. Panyiri has taken away my clientele. Oh well! wait and see.

Sat there and collated, stapled and put together the packages for the players, and then waited.

At 8.15am, no-one turned up so I went home!

Arrived home at 8.40am, and no-one was up. Unloaded the car and sorted out the gear and put it away. The game sheets are not a loss, can always hold it again as it is ready to go!

Starting feeling a headache building, so went to bed and slept till lunchtime. After lunch thought it was time to start cleaning the pig sty I call home. My daughters have a lot to learn about keeping house!

During cleaning up, felt dizzy, sweating profusely, and foggy thoughts. Stopped work, had a drink and checked BGL it was down to 3.5. Sat and rested for a while and recovered. Continued on as much as possible, then it was dinner time and then after watching tv, went to bed.

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