Restful day

It is Saturday and I am awake at 4.00am! Oh well have preparations to do. After a while of reviewing of where I was at, and what needed to be done, tiredness set in. Went back to bed at 8.00am and slept for another two hours.

Woke with a headache and sniffles – oh crap! I hope I am going to be well tomorrow.

Worked on the final preparations and decided to print them in the morning when it was quiet and the internet was available. While preparing, heard about Panyiri that was on this weekend. That was an epic fail! Going to be an uphill push getting people out tomorrow!

Have to just wait and see!

Went for a walk as I had not done a decent walk for days. Walked along the waterfront at home and did 6km in 57 minutes.  Quite good for a walk.

Around 3.00pm, felt very lethargic so went a lay down. Awoke at 5.00pm. This illness is taking hold.

Had dinner and went back to bed when lethargy again struck!

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