Assignment due day

Oh-oh, I knew I forgot something. Must contact the educational institution about the assignment. I was on line and the dates still don’t match my study plan. Also I have no idea what I should be aiming for with the assignment.

While having breakfast checked Facebook, and saw DiabetesTeam web-site. Decided to register and see what it may offer. Its a good resource for keeping a history of the condition and what activity etc. is done to alleviate it. Will monitor initially to see the benefits. Might also find out from Diabetes Qld their thoughts on this site as it is American based but ported world-wide.

In to work, and no-one was willing to go and get coffee. So I made my natural lemonade, and then made a cup of coffee – desk style. At least the hot water has been fixed.

Then I tackled the files and did some testing on the enhancements I had made to Sharepoint. Once I was satisfied that the changes are robust, and identified some tweaks to do, got stuck in to some analysis work. I love analysis. Data crunching, massaging and looking for that needle in a haystack keeps me sane!

That took all day.

Also, I am known for my one-liners, thanks to Pricky Reed and Spike Jones on HMAS Perth who taught me a thing or two about jargon especially, sailor’s language. One of the guys at work has decided to record my one-liners and produce a glossary. Could be interesting!!

On the way home in the train, I woke up to once again not contacting about my assignment. My avoidance skills are coming into play again!! Definitely have to tackle it tomorrow.

Designed the registration forms for the Observation and Navigation Game on Sunday for posting to Facebook, WordPress, etc. I reckon the forms will be along the line of the club temporary membership form, so that insurance cover is gained for the event.

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