Process changing!

Run of the mill day again.

In to work and needed coffee.

Sent two files for review off, and so glad to be rid of them. They were so complex that they were leading me off in different directions. My collection plan was more like a roadmap of London!

After yesterdays information controllers forum, reviewed they way I had set up the register and decided it could do with a tweak, with each step in the process coming up in order not in alphabetical order. Can’t files not started under finalised files with files under review at the bottom. Should be files not started at the top, files being actioned next, then files under review, then finalised files at the bottom. They only way around this is to number them so they will finish up in order.

This task was not as time consuming as I expected and Sharepoint behaved itself to expedite the work. That was now better. Just got to educate the others in my team how to use the register, nd maybe work on Jamie’s once I have set mine in concrete. Daniel sure made an initial mess of everything.

Then I started revising files to see which categories they were in and whether they should be better placed. As I am working through them, found some files that looked simple to deal with, so they were allocated for tomorrow.

At the end of the work day, took off my bag of fruit, grabbed my tit for tat, and hit the frog and toad, to make my way to my cheese and kisses.

A lovely dinner of spaghetti and meatballs was waiting for me, and I settled in for the night finishing off the question paper for the Observation and Navigation Game.

Then it was off to bed, to play some games and fall asleep.

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