Game set up phase 2.

Woke early and headed of to Raven Street Reserve to map and find features in the second area to complete setting up the Observation and Navigation Game fundraiser.

Also need to confirm the existence of the Casuarina Track. So drove initially to Raven Street Reserve and parked the car. With notebook and mobile phone in hand, set off to add new features to the question sheet. Having found the Casuarina Track from the Raven Street end, followed it and found where it met the track near the bridge. Measurement of the bridge would be an added question so climbed down into the creek and noted the bridge to be 6 m above the creek bed. Satisfied on my discovery returned to the car then drove around to Trouts Road and the trailhead for Chermside Hills Reserve.

Having decided on the route in this section, followed it and made notes of features worthy of being included as questions.

Every time I come in here, the amount of new things is astounding. It is not because I am observing more carefully to spot things either.

When I had finished went home and worked on my assignments. Can’t find the scenario being talked about to complete the assignment. Will look further tomorrow after the walk.

Early to bed tonight!

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