A night’s sleep

After 6.5 hours sleep, awoke in a panic. I had got so used to my real early mornings with plenty of time to get ready, now I have to make a move. I was ready in half an hour and I also caught the earlier transport arriving at work a half an hour early. The ride gave me the opportunity to finish off the newsletter, which I converted to PDF and posted it to the blog site and emailed it.

I then received a Facebook post about a person doing the Great Brisbane Bike Ride on Sunday for Diabetes Qld so donated to him. I’ll now let him know of my fundraising venture to see if he’ll donate to me!

The day at work was once again run of the mill, as much as I can put on this blog.

The current unit finishes tomorrow and that means I have a week to submit three assignments. Each later assignment relies on work done on the previous assignment so its all good. Hope I get time on the weekend to fit in this study.

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