Work week starts

Woke at 1.30am! Come on give me a break. Abdominal aches, sore throat, and the like…I am not coming down with a cold again!!!

Plenty of time to iron the clothes for the week and prepare other things for the week. Did some study as well so not a wasted opportunity. Got to get this planning assignment done – poor planning! Need to slow down my life. Like I said, I really enjoy the non-paying parts of my life more than the income producing parts.

Got to work at my normal time, and started the day looking for easier files to work on to get them out of the way and reduce the backlog. At the outset each file looked simple but became complex as soon as I started on them. Oh well, that’s the way it is.

This is also potentially the last day for another team member, so the work may build. Hopefully the manager has it sorted. I have confidence that thus is the case!

Finished work and went home. Gemma is getting ready for a camp on this weekend and I must get into the caravan and pull out the camping gear for her.

Stacey then showed me her prom dress and then I asked her if she would like Granddads car to take her in. She jumped at the chance and soaring Dad and booked it in for 28th November. Now to find out the details of where, what time etc. and how many passengers.

Having sorted that went to bed at 9.00 pm with the idea to study. Lay down and that was it. Nothing else tonight!

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