Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

Woke at 2.00am. Had breakfast and then collected the gear for another bushwalk. Andy is picking me up at 7.30am. The weather is looking superb, considering last Sunday’s sogginess!

Upon arrival at Matthew Flinders Park there were a few people there. More details of this walk on the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club blog at glasshousebw.wordpress.com.

Returned home just after lunch and then got ready for the family Mother’s Day gathering at Baxters Jetty.

Drove to Baxter’s Jetty and while looking for a parking spot, saw Mum and Dad sitting under a fig tree. A few spots available close to this so parking was good. After a while a table became vacant so we snivelled it and got ready for the rest of the family. And they arrived in dribs and drabs. First Lindsay and Kathy, but no Trystan or Chloe. Then Wayne, Eddie and Anthony arrived and then we waited for Shelly and Ashleigh. Eventually they came but not till after Dad, Lindsay and I went and ordered from the Shelley Inn. As we were waiting in the queue to order, they called out number 5. After ordering, I was 31, so this could be a bit of a wait!

Went back over to the park and after about 10 minutes, Shelley and Ash arrived. Then I went over to see how the orders were travelling. Number 14! Yet a while, but they are getting through the numbers. I went back to the park and then Wayne finally went over to place his order. Number 23 was being picked up. Nothing now. A few more trips over – number 25, number 26, number 27, and then number 28, which was Dad’s order. The anticipation was building! Then number 29 – Lindsay’s order. Come on! Finally called out 31, and I was there, picked up the order and back at the table, the order was short. Back to the shop and they had left the rest of the order on a shelf. No problem. A hearty dinner was had of fish and chips, calamari, and a soft drink. The kids had a chicken burger and chips which they liked. Not bad for a $65.00 order.

After dinner, Mum and Dad left, followed by Lindsay and Kathy, leaving Sue and I and the kids, and Shelly and Wayne and three of theirs. A bit of mirth ensued until it was time to depart. Got home and I was tired.

I went to bed at 10.00pm hoping this would bring on a good night’s sleep.

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