Game preparation day

Woke up at 1.30 am. Bright as a button with gastric problems. Oh well my chance to plan the survey which I was undertaking later in the morning to build the question list for the Observation and Navigation Game. Found the gear for this task, including #gavinswaterbottle and at 6.15am took the car and headed to Raven Street Reserve.

On arrival there at 6.45am, the first question was which way will I go? Need something simple first to get the participants used to the idea of the game if they have never done anything like this before. The first section was then obvious – the Senses Trail. A short walk of 200m but had a lot of information, signage, etc. all potential targets for questions.

Having surveyed this stretch, I noticed it took 10 minutes to survey this stretch. I won’t have time to go out to the Chermside Hills. Might go to Milne Hill and do this part and come back next weekend to survey the rest of the area.

Having decided on the route and potential questions and answers, went to McDowall shops and purchased flowers, cards etc. for Mothers Day tomorrow.

Returned home just after 8.00am and reviewed my notes. Now to put it all together for a flyer, question sheet, and secret map in case they get lost.

Sue left home ay 10.00am to go and see her mum for mothers day.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for the Healthy Heart Walk in the Glasshouse Mountains the next day.

Sue arrived home about 3.30pm and continued on outstanding tasks.

In bed at 9.30pm.

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