The end of a short week

Woke at 2.00am, and felt I had a fitful (but short) sleep.

The end of the working week is nigh. Another usual day.

At lunch, met a member of Gold Coast Bushwalkers who was planning a trek to raise money for East Timor, and due to having been involved with the Border Track Trek 2016 for Diabetes Qld, needed ideas about hosting such an event. Walked around the Botanic Gardens and enjoyed the lunch out. Very productive meeting.

I am now chuffed, to say the least in being consulted by different organisations and people to organise treks for fundraising. This has definitely put Bushwalking Queensland on the map with its members bushwalking clubs.

Later in the day had a farewell morning tea for a colleague whose last day is Tuesday. Mixed emotions about his departure.

Headed home and on the way assessed the weekend and what I wished for it and what it had in store for me.

That night went to bed at 9.00pm.

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