The end of the week is getting closer…

Well, here it is Thursday and I again I woke a 3.30 am, bit later than normal, but if that’s it, that’s it!

BGL this morning was a healthy 5.1. Last muesli breakfast, the box is finished. Onto oats tomorrow. Nice caramel long black to start the day, with two Lovan and showered, changed, collected the gear for the commute to work and walked out the door.

Arrived at work a tad later than normal (6 minutes) due to the bus being held up to get me to the station. At work the day started fresh. I had the feeling in my bones that it was going to be a great day!

Attended to outstanding files then an idea hit me. Over the last few weeks I have been toiling over how to get the fund raising for the Great Ocean Walk 2016 happening! In the discussion at the Bushwaking Queensland Inc. committee meeting on Monday, the topic of training was mentioned and that there is a need to see if there are gaps that FMR Inc., our rescue organisation, has in its training package.

Well! One thought led to another and the big unknown in contemporary bushwalking is the question of smart phone apps and how accurate they are in a bushwalking setting. Would it be possible to use the foundation of the car navigation rally, tweak it to a bushwalking concept and introduce uses that require smart phones and their apps.

Combining these aspects and I came up with Observation and Navigation Game. In it the participant goes on a predetermined course and answers questions of observations along the way. The directions to complete the walk are given in cryptic as well and form some of the questions. To change it up at various locations, a question could ask, what is your current location? What is the object at xxxx degrees? What is the altitude of the point you’re currently at? What is the length of the object at this point?

This idea seems to be unique as a Google Search found no similar activity. Have I stumbled on a golden idea?

I put together a plan to build a flyer tonight at home.

On the work front, I was getting bogged down on a file as there was a bit of confusion to this file. I put it down and started a new one. A fresh perspective does wonders.

An alert then came out that all computers in the office were being upgraded or had been upgraded and to restart the computer to install the updates. Having done this and going to a division meeting, I thought to have an overall look at my work when I’m back from the meeting.

On return from the meeting, I imported old files from one old system into the new system.

Next thing I knew it was 5.00pm. So it was quickly pack up and go down and get changed then walk to Roma Street Station to commute home.

In bed early tonight at 9.00pm.

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